Friday, March 17, 2017

A Year in the Life: Pre-Departure Orientation

So, word finally came from the study abroad office with information about approvals and next steps for studying abroad! Congratulations on being approved! I am so excited to be moving forward with my application to study abroad in Dublin this fall! 

I read through the notification letter that was attached to our approval emails. The very first thing I need to start working on is my secondary application to UCD. Most of us have to also apply to our host program or university. For me, I have to submit the study abroad application directly to UCD. (I know other people may have to complete the CIEE, SIT, IES or IFSA-Butler application, or even a different application. This part is definitely specific to each of us so if you're not sure and can't find the information on your program brochure page, check in with the Office of Study Abroad!). 

In addition to the secondary application, we also have to go back in to our study abroad portal ( and complete a whole bunch of additional questions, like emergency contact information, health insurance selection, and others.

I'm so excited to start getting ready for next semester, which is why I'm pumped for the General Pre-Departure Orientation this week! I signed up for Saturday but every session has the same super-useful information about Tulane policies and procedures that apply to study abroad! At the PDO's, advisors and returned study abroad students will offer logistical information about everything we need to do leading up to our departure, as well as some intercultural skills that can better equip us for the big move. The orientation leaders will walk us through the in's and out's of academics, finances, health, safety, communication, and technology planning. They'll also provide us with tons of resources on campus to properly prepare us for things like culture shock while abroad. There's no better way to get ready to study abroad than attending one of the pre-departure orientation - I can't wait to meet all of you and learn more about what my upcoming months will be like. 

You can RSVP for the Saturday Orientation on OrgSync here.

See you all there!

Friday, March 10, 2017

St. Joseph's Day in New Orleans!

This Sunday, March 19, is St. Joseph's Day!! New Orleans has a big population of Sicilian immigrants who celebrate the Catholic holiday by constructing elaborate altars in honor of the saint, participating in parades, and sharing food to express gratitude for any sort of fortune in their lives.


"Super Sunday" is also a major day for the Mardi Gras Indians! Their festivities begin at noon in A.L. Davis Park (at Washington & LaSalle Streets) where the Mardi Gras Indians once again dress in their feathers and suits and take to the streets to meet other "gangs." 

"Nobody is completely certain when the tradition of Mardi Gras Indians 'masking' on St. Joseph's night began. However, there have been reports of Indians on St. Joseph's night dating back to before World War I. The custom seems to have come about simply because it was a good opportunity. With all of the Catholic Italians celebrating this holiday in the streets, the Indians were able to blend in and celebrate as well.

Before 1969, the Indians celebrated by coming out at night to meet and greet other "gangs". In 1969, the first parade was created and rolled through town at night. In 1970, it was switched to a day parade on Sunday afternoon, and has continued in that tradition to this day." - - Mardi Gras New Orleans


One Sicilian-New Orleanian is the owner of one of the city's most treasured restaurants! Nick Lama, owner of Avo, is celebrating St. Joseph's day by serving Sicilian treats at his restaurant on Magazine Street, including delicious fig cookies! Check out this piece by The Times-Picayune about Lama and the upcoming festivities! 

New Orleans as told by an Arab American immigrant

Tulane's very own Bouchaib Gadir shares his story of being an Arab-American immigrant in New Orleans in this new piece. Check it out! 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sign Up to table at Global Café

Attention Tulane Academic Departments and Student Organizations!!!
During this time of uncertainty for Tulane’s international community, it is important that we come together and show our support for one another.
One way of showing that support is signing up to participate in one of the remaining Global Cafes. Tabling at the Global Café is also an opportunity for you to share something about your organization or office and to connect with Tulane’s international and internationally-minded community.
Tulane is also hosting its annual International food on March 18. Please share the Facebook event page with your students and colleagues. We welcome participation in the form of attendance, performances, cultural and/or food tables. Click here to sign up to participate. 
Thank you for your interest!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pre-Departure Study Abroad Seminar

Planning on studying abroad this fall? Looking for a way to prepare for the experience, or just to fulfill some extra credits? It's not too late to sign up for this course: 

Professor Annie Gibson is teaching a 5-week "pre-departure" seminar (COLQ: 3050-01: Global Cultural Awareness: Preparing to Study Abroad) open to all students studying abroad in Fall 2017 and designed to give students the skill set to capitalize on the experiences, network connections, and academic environment that their particular study abroad location offers. The 3-credit series is broken up over the course of 3 semesters, earning one credit prior to, one during, and one credit following the study abroad experience.

In the Pre-Departure course, students will work to understand the meaning of culture as it relates to identity and behavior, build cross-cultural awareness, appreciation, and respect, as well as gain a broader understanding of cultural and social issues in different regions of the world. Students will also have the opportunity to develop a Service-Learning or Internship project that can satisfy the first or second tier requirement to be conducted while abroad. 

5 Weeks: March 8-April 12 • Wednesdays 3-5PM

Contact Professor Gibson at for more information.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Today's the day!


The day has finally arrived - applications must be submitted by 11:59pm tonight (February 17) to be considered for studying abroad in the fall semester. Once you've submitted yours, it's time to celebrate! Do a little research on your potential new home and get excited for all the adventures to come. You will hear back from the Office of Study About on March 6 about a decision. 

Be sure to check out the "Year in the Life" blog post from our student writer. She wrote all about her application process and what to do now that it's over. In the meantime, Happy Mardi Gras! 

SARC Program is Live!

The Study Abroad Returnee Contact program serves to benefit both prospective and returning abroad students here at Tulane. SARC provides a platform for returnee study abroad students to share their advice and experiences with students preparing to study abroad themselves. Not only do the SARCs rep studying abroad, they also rep their specific program and individual experience. SARCs offer credibility, experience, and perspective into what studying abroad is really like.

If you're student looking into studying abroad, check out the SARC page and reach out to any of our returnee students - they're ready to help you out in this process!

If you are a returnee study abroad student and you're interested in becoming a SARC, it's not too late! Fill out this form to join our team of student mentors.