Thursday, December 8, 2016

Study Abroad Program Search!

Over the past few months, we've been working on updating the search feature on our website and we're happy to announce it's ready to go just in time for winter break! For those of you that are considering study abroad in the fall of 2017 or the 2017-18 academic year, winter break is the perfect time to do some research before coming back to campus in January. The application deadline is just over two months away on February, 17. Hopefully, our "Year in the Life of a Study Abroad Applicant" series has been keeping you well informed. This post can give you some ideas on how to use the search feature to find the right program for you! 

Using the Advanced Search feature, you can search for a study abroad program in lots of different ways. 

Search By Major: 

As you progress throughout your four years at Tulane, you’re taking care of the lower-level major requirements that are necessary before you can take some of those upper level core and elective courses. You probably want to find a program where you can take major courses that enhance what you are already doing at Tulane. Good news! The Major search function has just been updated so you should be able to find your major and pull up a list of programs that offer coursework in your field. Once you get that list, you can start visiting program websites to see what types of courses are offered and if they fit your requirements and interests! Here are some examples of programs by major:

This search option provides a great jumping off point to discover programs that offer your major courses. Always make sure to visit the course listing page of the program website to make sure that the program offers the courses that you need. If you don't see your major listed, or can't find a program based on your major, send an email to our office!

Search By Language:

If you know you would like to study in the language you’re studying at Tulane, you can use the advanced search option to limit results by language! Check out what comes up for each of the languages that are offered at Tulane: Arabic, Chinese*, French, German, Italian, Japanese*, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

*Students of Asian languages should also look at National University Singapore.

Search By Program Model: 

Our website describes the three different program models to which study abroad programs generally conform. Some programs offer the opportunity for students to directly enroll at a host institution, the “classic model of study abroad,” and required a high degree of independence. Alternatively, hybrid programs combine direct enrollment with study abroad program support. You can research the various program models on our website and search for program based on model: Direct Enrollment, Cohort/Island, Hybrid

Search By Duration:

Historically, “study abroad” has been known as JYA, or junior year abroad, a time when students spend an entire academic year on an international program. While study abroad for a full year has many, many benefits, it’s not always a feasible option. Your on-campus commitments to such activities as Student Government, Greek Life or community service may prevent you from being able to go abroad for a full year. Have no fear, the Office of Study Abroad offers programs for fall or spring only, as well as over the summer! 

We hope this little search tutorial is helpful for those of you that plan to spend (at least a small part) of your well-deserved winter break looking at your study abroad options!