Monday, February 13, 2017

A Year in the Life of A Study Abroad Application Part IX: Deadline Coming!

Hi there, Tulane!! 

Only 4 DAYS until applications are due for Fall 2017 study abroad! I know that around this time, we all start feeling a little panicky because it feels like there is So. Much. To. Do. and just So. Little Time. But, I’m here to tell you: don’t worry! Let’s walk through the final steps to complete the application. 

Take a deep breath and remind yourself: we got this!

Throughout this series, I’ve talked about the program-specific items on the app, like my Application Statement, learning goals, and the courses I want to take while I’m studying at the University College Dublin. As I mentioned last time, the same advice applies to pretty much wherever you plan on going! For this post, I’m basically going talk about my experience wrapping up my application and making sure everything is in check to hand it over to the Office of Study Abroad by the deadline.

If you haven’t finished your essay, or you aren’t ready to submit it just yet, schedule an appointment with the Writing Center. The tutors there will gladly help edit your statement and polish it perfectly so that it is ready to submit! Another good idea is to swap essays with a friend to get another set of eyes on it. You definitely don’t want to submit anything with a lot of typos, and you should make sure that you are answering the questions in the prompt! Don’t just talk about how excited you are to travel; try to write about all of the amazing cultural and educational experiences you’re hoping to have!

Beyond that, it's important to remember the bottom line: Don’t worry too much about what’s not in your hands. Just keep the OSA in the loop about pieces of the application you may still be waiting for. Whether it’s watching out for your new passport or following up with your professors to get those recommendations in, just make sure to finish everything that you can (as well as you can) and keep the office informed about anything that you’re still waiting on. 

If you have questions about this process and can’t make an appointment with an advisor, just call the office at (504) 865-5339 and we can answer your questions.

Once you’ve submitted your application, celebrate! Read a little bit more about your host country! Watch some interesting films or listen to music from the place where you may be living for six months! And then, relax. Focus on mid-terms. Enjoy Mardi Gras (and read our weekly feature on this blog about Mardi Gras celebrations around the world)! In the meantime, the OSA will be facilitating the review of applications. Notification letters will go out to all applicants on March 6 to your Tulane email address!

Going through the application process has been a crazy experience. It’s been so much fun to imagine myself living somewhere completely new, out of the country, for a whole year! I can’t wait to start the next phase, when I begin actually planning my move abroad!

Talk to you after March 6!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Fat Tuesday around the world! From left: Venice, Rio, Trinidad & Tobago, Belgium.