Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly Newsletter • February 10, 2017

Happy Friday!! The Office of Study Abroad has launched a few new programs this week that we're excited to tell you about, along with some fun upcoming events around New Orleans. Here's everything you need to know:


Study Abroad Returnee Contact

Drum roll, please...we're thrilled to announce the launch of our new program, SARC! The Study Abroad Returnee Contact program serves to benefit both prospective and returning abroad students here at Tulane. SARC provides a platform for returnee study abroad students to share their advice and experiences with students preparing to study abroad themselves. Not only do the SARCs rep studying abroad, they also rep their specific program and individual experience. SARCs offer credibility, experience, and perspective into what studying abroad is really like.

If you're student looking into studying abroad, check out the SARC page and reach out to any of our returnee students - they're ready to help you out in this process!

If you are a returnee study abroad student and you're interested in becoming a SARC, it's not too late! Fill out this form to join our team of student mentors. 


Instagram Takeover & Meet the Staff

Second drum roll, please... we're also launching TWO new series on our social media. First, we posted our first ever "Meet the Staff" introduction on our Facebook and Instagram pages. This week, we introduced the amazing Professor Annie Gibson. Follow us to stay tuned for introductions to the rest of our staff and interns! 

Our second social media series is the Study Abroad Instagram Takeover! Tomorrow, Julianne Behrens, a Tulane junior currently studying abroad in Thailand, will be taking over our Instagram for the first time to show us what a day in the life of a CIEE Thailand: Development and Globalization student is like. Be sure to follow us, so you don't miss an inside look into her weekend!


Fall 2017 Study Abroad Application Deadline

The Fall 2017 application deadline is only 1 WEEK AWAY!! Be sure to complete your application by next Friday, February 17. 


Upcoming Events & Information


Tet - Vietnamese New Year

TONIGHT! Celebrate Vietnamese New Year at the Mary Queen of Vietnam festivalThis year's festival is particularly important because it will support families affected by this week's tornado that hit New Orleans East. 

Check out these articles about Tet in New Orleans:

Countdown to Carnival: Mardi Gras Around the World!

In the coming weeks leading up the Mardi Gras, we will be featuring weekly explorations into Carnival celebrations across the globe on our Instagram and Facebook 

This week, we take a peek into Trinidad and Tobago's festivities. Check it out!

"The Caribbean’s biggest Mardi Gras builds its party around calypso and soca music performances and competition. “It’s like a battle of calypso bands,” Gillease says. The celebration, which brings African and Caribbean influences to a traditional Carnival, is known for exuberant dancing and parades."