Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekly Newsletter • February 3, 2017

Happy February, everyone!! Now that the semester is in full swing, we're excited to get rolling with applications, programs, and events! Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming weeks:

View From Gibson

In this week's "View From Gibson," President Fitts spoke about the recent immigration restrictions and how they impact the Tulane community. We are proud to stand by President Fitts in his comments about the value of international education, as well as the 23 Tulane students that this action may effect. 

The Office of Study Abroad doesn't just help students apply to programs across the globe; we also give them the tools to be a good international ambassadors, and to be thoughtful about how they represent themselves, Tulane and the United States in their host cultures The relationships between us, as a Tulane community, and other countries are important - and this is something we are actively thinking about and working on.  

Cuba Info Session at Global Café

Join us at Global Café this Monday, Feb 6th at 4PM for a special information session on our Cuba programs! You can learn more about our Fall and Summer academic programs in Havana, and enjoy some king cake too!

Fall 2017 Study Abroad Application Deadline

The Fall 2017 application deadline is only 2 WEEKS AWAY!! Be sure to complete your application by February 17. 

Pre-Departure Study Abroad Seminar

Planning on studying abroad this fall? Looking for a way to prepare for the experience, or just to fulfill some extra credits? We've got you covered:

Professor Annie Gibson is teaching a 5-week "pre-departure" seminar (COLQ: 3050-01: Global Cultural Awareness: Preparing to Study Abroad) open to all students studying abroad and designed to give students the skill set to capitalize on the experiences, network connections, and academic environment that their particular study abroad location offers. The 3-credit series is broken up over the course of 3 semesters, earning one credit prior to, one during, and one credit following the study abroad experience.

In the Pre-Departure course, students will work to understand the meaning of culture as it relates to identity and behavior, build cross-cultural awareness, appreciation, and respect, as well as gain a broader understanding of cultural and social issues in different regions of the world. Students will also have the opportunity to develop a Service-Learning or Internship project that can satisfy the first or second tier requirement to be conducted while abroad. 

5 Weeks: March 8-April 12 • Wednesdays 3-5PM

Contact Professor Gibson at for more information.

Upcoming Events & Information

Countdown to Carnival: Mardi Gras Around the World!

In the coming weeks leading up the Mardi Gras, we will be featuring weekly explorations into Carnival celebrations across the globe on our Instagram and Facebook. This week, we take a peek into Nice's festivities in France. Check it out!

"This Mediterranean city claims to have the world’s oldest Carnival, dating to 1294. It builds its 15-day festival around blossoms. “They do flower battles and flower parades with floats made just of flowers, like the Tournament of Roses in California,” Gillease says.  Costumed paraders even throw mimosas, gerberas and lilies to the crowds."